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Baby You Can Drive My Car


Pilot Show

This is my biggest shoot to date! 


I was contacted by Finn (Co Founder of VIXXR) to help shoot a pilot show based around celebrities and classic cars. Tony Pitts, the presenter of the show has starred in Line Of Duty, Emmerdale, Casualty and many more television programmes and films. The concept of the show is for Tony to meet with his celebrity friends and to drive cars that he thinks personifies their character. In this pilot episode we met with Billy Billingham from 'SAS Who Dares Wins' & comedian Vic Reeves 'Jim Moir'.

Check out the trailer below!

This is a short teaser trailer of what will come in the full episode...coming soon on TV!

TP Thumbnail 3.jpg

Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)

"This is fantastic. Excellent presentation and editing. Best vehicular show yet"





The first day of filming was In Northhamptonshire where I met Tony Pitts, Billy Billingham and the crew. It was a brilliant day, we captured Billy showing Tony some of the vehicles he is typically used to being in while being in the SAS, swell as an exciting race in two trucks around a dirt track. Overall filming went really smoothly, It was a big challenge filming solo as I had to focus on my main camera swell as several other angles we had to setup and audio monitoring. 

TP Thumbnail 7.jpg
Rough Surface



The second day of filming was In located in Kent where I met Vic Reeves (Jim Moir). We set off filming with Tony introducing Vic and began to film them driving an old Morris J Van and comparing it to the new electric prototype Morris JE van. 


Overall I had a brilliant time shooting and editing this project, it was defiently a challenging job for sure especially shooting and editing solo however an absolute pleasure to work on.


Massive thanks for everyone who helped on the job, it was a pleasure meeting everyone.

Finn Radford / Co-founder / VIXXR


"Matt is incredible. Genuinely incredible. Our shoot was for a pilot of a show that included celebrities like Billy from SAS who dares wins, Vic Reeves and Tony Pitts. The show revolved around cars. This is how I found Matt's portfolio and I am so glad I did.


We didn’t have much to provide Matt with in terms of script, story or even shot list. It was super rough and ready in terms of planning. Most camera operators would have run a mile at this point (especially if they had to edit the final piece). Fortunately, for us Matt was optimistic and understood the general feel of the show well enough to be creatively confident with his own ideas which is exactly what we needed.


We put Matt through every camera operators idea of hell. Coming up with ideas on the spot, asking him to jump in the back of a moving Range Rover whilst filming Billy tearing up a dust bowl track. Matt looked like the sandman when he emerged still with a smile. The shoot in total lasted two days and Matt was perfect and professional throughout. We had fun and made something fun.


Moving into the edit. Matt also agreed to do the edit. Let’s just say that there was mountains of fluff to remove. Hours of footage from multiple cameras including three GoPro’s used in the cars. A drone and Matts own cameras. Undeterred Matt trimmed the footage and put together multiple revisions until finally we ended up with a fantastic 25 minute pilot show which has caught the eye of several major content distributors.


To wrap all of this up Matt was consistently professional, incredibly cost effective and achieved as a single person what a production team would have been proud of."

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